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Bead Game

BEAD GAME is the first board game ecosystem built to meet the demands of a digital age where everything is fast and ready for immediate use. BEAD GAME as a board game solution gives you access to a wide range of tabletop games. You can play over 108 games straight from one compact set! It allows you to tweak game rules and share fun game variations with the community.

The unique design BEAD GAME BOX is waiting for your pre-orders.

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Discover traditional board games with your friends and have fun playing them in new, exciting ways. You’ll find classics like “Checkers”, “Tic-Tac-Toe”, “Ludo”, and much more. We encourage you to create surprising new game scenarios and share them with other gamers around the world. Get recognized for your creative ideas.

Kids & learning

Playful learning is natural for kids, and adding a layer of playfulness to any subject allows them to much better interact with information. Children will learn to work together in order to achieve a goal and their parents or teachers can join in or let the kids be creative on their own!

Business & organisation

Gamify your enterprise. Use serious games as a new approach to planning your projects, carrying out business analysis, assessing your brand attributes and strategic advantages, or discovering visions of the future. Make better decisions!


Explore and develop aspects of your personality with methods of gamified psychological introspection. Play alone, in pairs or in groups. Add playfulness to serious topics to help solve the challenges of your everyday life. Evoke the breathtaking potential of your mind.

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Congratulations, you’ve created your first board game! And that’s something special, regardless of whether it's a completely new game idea or a spin on a newly rediscovered traditional board game.

Bead game Ecosystem

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