Blindman's Swag

Party Games

5 - 20
# Party
# blindfold
# movement
# prize
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How to set-up

A player from each pair has to be blindfolded. Make sure they don't see!

How to play

1. You need an even number of players and they have to form pairs.

2. After the players are blindfolded tell them what the prize or "swag" is. It can be anything from food to toys or money.

3. All the pairs start on one side of the playing area. (It is recommended for the playing area to be large and without any dangerous objects around).

4. The players that are not blindfolded must remain where they are at the beginning and they have to lead their partners to the prize by only speaking and using their words.

How to win

Be the first one to successfully grab the prize.


This game is commonly played in parties all over the world. It's as good for children as it is for adults.