Party Games

15 - 60
# Music
# Dance
# Party
# Fun
# Memory
# Move

How to set-up

1. Prepare party music playlist

2. All players must form a circle

3. Every player should come up with an idea for original movement and keep it to himself (that is a secret for now)

How to play

1. Players on their own decide who will start the game. It could be the host of the party for example.

2. Music starts playing and first player shows the move and keeps dancing that.

3. Next player repeats first movement and adds his.

4. Next player repeats first and second players movements and adds his own

5. That way game will continue until everyone dances

6. Repeat the game with other one who starts or mix places in the circle!

How to win

1. This game is about having fun not winning!

2. But loser is the one who skips some movement