Party Games

15 - 60
# Party
# Ice breaker
# Fun
# rock-paper-scissors

How to set-up

1. This game requires 2 teams (all players split in 2 teams)

2. All team will act the same like giant, wizard or elve

3. Each character has his own movement and all players must be aware of them

4. Giants: Stand on your tip toes, raise your arms like a giant, and make a menacing growling noise: “Rarrr!"

5. Wizards: Crouch slightly, as wizards are a bit shorter. Wave your fingers as though you’re casting a magical spell, and make a magical noise: “Shaazaam!"

6. Elves: Crouch down very low, cup your hands around your ears, and make a high pitched elf noise: “Eeeee!"

How to play

1. Every team should stand on separate sides of the room

2. Before every round team comes together and decide who they are going to be (giant, wizards or elve) - other team can't hear the decision!

3. When decision has been made both teams line up a few meters apart

4. At the start of each round, the leader says “Three, two, one, go!!"

5. At this point both teams act as the character they chose

6. As soon as they do this, the winner tries to grab the loser — as many people over to their side as they can.

7. Losing team are trying to get back to their side before winning team catch them

8. Giants beat elves, because giants are able to “squash" elves.

9. Elves beat wizards because they outsmart them. Elves chew at their legs.

10. Wizards beat giants because they are able to zap them with a magic spell. If both teams show the same character, no one wins.

How to win

To win the game, your team must get all the players form other team. At the end all players are in one- winning team!