20 - 60
# Mancala
# Africa
# Large game board
# Capture

How to set-up

1. Mefuvha is played on a 4-by-28 board with 112 play spaces. Boards can be made smaller for a shorter playing game.

2. Players sit opposite each other on the long side of the board.

3. Mefuvha requires 218 BEADs of any colour.

4. BEADs are placed on every space on the board, except the space on the far left of the row closest to each player which remains empty, and the space adjacent to the empty space which has 1 BEAD placed on it.

5. Each player owns the two rows on their side of the board.

6. Players decide who begins the game by rolling a die.

How to play

1. In turns, player’s pick up all the BEADs from any space containing 2 or more BEADs and redistributes them, one BEAD per space counter-clockwise through spaces on player’s side of the board.

2. If a player’s final BEAD is deposited in a space that already contains at least 1 BEAD, they take another turn, continuing until their final BEAD is deposited onto an empty space.

3. A player captures when a BEAD is dropped onto an empty space on the row furthest from them. The player captures all BEADs in the space opposite on the opponent’s side of the board.

4. The player can select one additional space from the opponent’s side from which to capture BEADs.

5. All captured BEADs are removed from the board and kept by the player who made the capture.

6. If all a player’s spaces have only 1 BEAD, they can play from these spaces but must deposit the BEAD into an adjacent empty space thus forcing the end of the turn and a capture.

How to win

To win the game, a player must capture all the BEADs on their opponent’s side of the board.


1. Mefuvha is a Mancala type of game played in Transvaal, South Africa. It is one of the greatest looking mancala games, and one of the most impressive looking board games altogether. It has four rows of 28 playing spaces, 112 total spaces, and the game starts with 218 pieces on the board!

2. Mefuhva is a four-rank Mancala game from northern Transvaal, and it's one of the biggest board games ever played.

3. Due to the extreme length of the game board, some boards have 4 storage holes for the convenience of the players, one for each player at each end of the board.