Permainan Tabal


2 - 4
60 - 120
# Draughts
# Asia
# Indonesia
# Capture
# jumpover pieces
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How to set-up

1. Permainan-Tabal is played on a grid with a triangle off each end. Lines indicate permitted moves.

2. Each player selects 16 BEADs the colour of their choice.

3. BEADs are placed on every intersection starting from the player and moving towards the centre of the board. Only the middle row will start empty.

4. Players decide who begins the game by rolling a die.

How to play

1. In turns, each player moves a BEAD 1 space forward, or to the left or right. BEADs cannot move backwards.

2. Players capture BEADs by jumping over an opponent’s BEAD and landing on an empty point, captures can be a backward move.

3. If available, a capture must be made.

4. Captures must be chained together if, upon jumping over an opponent’s BEAD and capturing it, the player is adjacent to an opponent’s BEAD with an empty space beyond it.

5. When a BEAD has moved across the board to the opponent’s starting position it becomes a King BEAD and is marked with a "K”. King BEADs can move in any direction (including backwards). King BEADs must capture if possible.

6. King BEADs do not have to finish on the empty square directly after a captured BEAD, a King BEAD can continue along the row if there are no other BEADs.

7. Captured BEADS are removed from the board.

How to win

To win the game, a player needs to capture all their opponent's BEADs.


1. Permainan-Tabal is a 2-player abstract strategy board game originating in Indonesia. The game is sometimes referred to as a cross between Alquerque and Draughts. In essence it is Draughts played on an expanded Alquerque board.

2. It is very similar to Draughts in that the moves of the pieces are strictly forward and sideways until they are promoted to Kings by reaching the other player's first rank. This game is also referred to as Dama.