5 - 10
# Ancient rome
# Fast
# Simple
# Roman
# tic tac toe

How to set-up

1. To start you need a 8x8 grid board, but this game can also be applied to smaller and larger game boards.

2. Players choose any type of game pieces. One player plays white, the other plays black. Although any 2 different colors can be used.

3. The players decide who goes first by any method they prefer.

How to play

You can only move one piece per move.

How to win

1. You win by getting 5 of your game pieces in row ( diagonally, horizontally or vertically ).

2. If you or your opponent don't have the option to make a five-in-a-row, then the game is draw.

Tips & tricks

The gameplay is exactly like tic-tac-toe, but instead of drawing X's and O's, you move around game pieces.


1. Terni Lapilli is a game that was popular in Ancient Rome. It is very similar to modern tic-tac-toe, but it has some key differences that make it a different game.

2. Terni Lapilli boards have been found throughout the territory of the Roman Empire, scratched on walls, floors, and roofs, but no X's and O's accompany the markings. From this we can conclude that game pieces were used.