Zohn Ahl


25 - 60
# Indian
# Native america
# Race game
# Simple
# Race
# action selection
# dice
# dice rolling
# family game
# luck

How to set-up

1. Zohn Ahl is played on a board comprised of 40 spaces around the edge of the board. The board several has special features; a North Creek and a South Creek as well as an East Dry Branch and a West Dry Branch. Each creek and dry branch is two spaces long.

2. Zohn Ahl requires casting sticks. You can use 4 dice;odd numbers representing 1 and even numbers 0. Moves are calculated as the sum of the dice (1 through 3). If 4 odd numbers are rolled, the score is 6 and if a throw shows 4 even numbers, the score is 10

3. Players receive another turn when they roll a 10.

4. Each player selects one BEAD a colour of their choice.

5. BEADs are placed on the space marked by an arrow by the South Creek. Players start on different spaces and work around the board in opposite directions.

6. Each player also takes four points BEADs from a pile of eight similar coloured BEADs.

7. Players decide who begins the game by rolling a die.

How to play

1. Players take turns to roll the dice and move their BEAD the number indicated on the dice in their direction of play.

2. If a BEAD lands on the second North Creek space (the space further from their starting space), the player must return their BEAD to its starting point and begin the lap again. The player must also give their opponent a point BEAD.

3. If a BEAD lands on a Dry Branch, the player misses their next turn.

4. If a BEAD lands on their opponent’s BEAD, the opponent’s BEAD is sent back to their starting point, beginning the lap again. The opponent must also give the player a point BEAD.

5. If a BEAD lands on the play space directly before their starting point, they return to the starting point, beginning the lap again. They must give their opponent a point BEAD.

6. Each time a BEAD passes their starting point their lap is finished and the player receives a point BEAD from their opponent.

How to win

1. To win the game, a player must collect all 8 points BEADs.

2. If the game is stopped, then the winner is the player with the most points BEADs


1. Zohn Ahl is a roll-and-move board game played by the Kiowa Indians of North America. It is often considered as a typical representative of many similar Native American games.

2. Traditionally, the game was played on a large cloth. In the centre there was placed the "ahl stone". The casting sticks (used in place of dice) were thrown at the ahl stone and would bounce off it before falling on the cloth, thus ensuring the randomness of throws.

3. Zohn ahl is one of a family of "ahl" games, games played on a circular board. The board contains special spaces at the cardinal compass points, one being the start and finish line and the others being hazards that should be avoided.