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Traditional or theme-oriented games are one of the best ways to learn about concrete era and its culture. The somewhat “golden age” of the Native Americans is not an exception. Although through the years ethnic groups differed, the main concept remained. And it has left traces of a rich history of America’s, as we know it today, predecessors.

Indeed, there are several of entertaining board games, but at the moment we are enjoying these the most

1. Patolli

Patolli is an ancient Aztec board game. Also, it's one of the oldest known games in America.

This race game of strategy and luck, enjoyed by those, who want to keep their mind sharp and fierce, and avoided by the ones that are afraid of challenges.

Interesting (or crazy) fact: There was a time, when Spanish priests had forbade the game during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, presumably because people were selling themselves and their families into slavery over it. It's believed, that those who were caught playing Patolli had have their hands burned as a punishment.

Patolli game board

2. Dudo

“Yo dudo” or “I doubt” stands for a popular dice game played in South America – Dudo, also known as Cacho, Pico, Perudo, Dadinho or Cachito.

It's an entertaining family game that is appealing to those, who want to play with several people. It's a perfect board game to try when spending time with a large group of dear ones.

Fun fact: In some cultures Dudo is also called “a liar's game”.

3. Zohn Ahl

Another engaging family-oriented play is a typical board game of Native Americans – Zohn Ahl.

It is a roll-and-move board game played by the Kiowa Indians mostly located in North America. Game is preferred by players, who appreciate team-work and entertaining route.

Interesting fact, Zohn Ahl was preferably played by the women and girls of the Kiowa Indians.


4. Puluc

A running-fight board game that had originated in Mesoamerica  Puluc (as well known as Bul, Buul or Boolik) is a war game, mostly chosen by gamers, who like fierce battles and well-thought brave strategies.

Interesting fact: This is a war game without a possible peace. Game can be won by killing or capturing the enemy.

5. Kolowis Awithlaknannai

Kolowis Awithlaknannai, or better known as Fighting Serpents, is a two-player strategy board game from the Zuni Native American Indians.

One of the best board games from Native Americans – Fighting Serpents is suitable for idealists, who aim to create perfect winning strategies and gamers that want to use logic and keep their mind guessing.

Interesting fact: Kolowis Awithlaknannai, later described by Stewart Culin in his book Games of the North American Indians in 1907, is a modification of the game Alquerque that was brought to the New World by the Spaniards.

Fighting Serpents game board



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